DECOIN The future of crypto exchanges

Decoin is a blockchain-based exchange and a trading platform. The exchange’s revenue is distributed among the coin holders. This inspires trust into new investors and users while making it a highly potential platform to be adopted at vast levels.
The other part of the ecosystem is its trading platform. With the introduction of cryptocurrencies, more and more people are trading these days. The numbers are growing at a steady pace which calls for the need of an efficient trading platform. As a solution to the very response, this ecosystem provides a social trading feature.

It uses Proof of Stake Algorithm
Every cryptocurrency is backed up by a business model and a set of rules working as a guiding principle. In case of cryptocurrencies, these rules are defined by protocols. Decoin uses Proof of Stake (POS) algorithm to validate new transactions and create new coins.  The user deposits any amount of currency on the platform with an understanding that he could lose all its money (of course, every investment has this risk) if he breaks the rule.
Putting all his money at stake makes the transactions more secure and reliable. To give you some clarity, Bitcoin is using the protocol, Proof of Work (PoW) which means more computational work to validate transactions.
Below are few of the prominent advantages of using POS:
•    More security
•    Eliminates the need for expensive hardware
•    Promotes energy savings
•    6.2% annual rate of growth for the coin holders

Revenue sharing
The revenue sharing concept of Decoin makes it more rewarding and creates a win-win scenario for all the participants. The system redistributes 60% of its revenue on the exchange. 10-20% of the revenue generated on D-TEP (the trading platform of Decoin) will be redistributed among the coin holders.
The percentage will increase with the passage of time which makes it sustainable in the long run. 40% discount on trading fee is also offered to the Decoin holders, who use it as a payment method. To be more specific, 0.15% fee is charged instead of 0.25% in this case.

DCI, the crypto Index 
D-TEP is also launching its first crypto Index, DCI. Initially, up to eight companies will be indexed on DCI. More companies will be indexed once the platform grows to meet the needs of the users.  Companies joining the D-TEP platform can swap out their native coins with Decoins which will grant them the access to multiple trading opportunities and investment opportunities within DCI.

Let’s explore a couple more advantages of this project:
•    Security of funds: 97% of the funds are stored outside the platform to avoid security breaches. The remaining 3% funds are those which are actively traded but they are also insured. Regardless of the Decoin methodology, your funds are secure anyways.
•    Fast processing: The orders are processed at the speed of up to one million matches per second at the D-TEP exchange which ensures fast and seamless processing.
•    Credit Card: 5 types of Credit Cards are offered (with different benefits for each card).
•    Bilingual Customer Support: Multi-lingual customer support is provided to make the platform global and user-friendly.


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