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Sunday, 15 July 2018

Atomic Wallet - A Multi Asset Custody-Free Wallet - Project Review

Atomic Wallet

Atomic-Wallet-ICO-Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyAsset management is a huge concern these days, particularly in crypto, because people have bought tens and hundreds of currencies and pretty much every crypto other than BTC and ETH has different wallets. So it is not practical to log into every wallet for managing the funds. This is the area addressed by Atomic Wallet since this venture allows you to manage your portfolio efficiently for a multitude of currencies in the market. It is using a very robust technology and transparency is also maintained at an utmost level due to the factor that it is hosted on a decentralized blockchain network. Here are a few features offered by the platform:
1. Send crypto to different addresses
2. Receive funds from all wallets
3. Import your assets to other wallet addresses
4. Use an encrypted environment to secure the assets
5. Select a blockchain explorer for usage
6. Easily and efficiently select a node 
In order to facilitate a wide base of users, Atomic Wallet is offered on multiple platforms including an iOS app, Android app, a web-based Javascript application, MacOS and browser plugins for Firefox and Chrome as well. So you have a pretty decent opportunity to control and manage your funds by using any of these platforms. Furthermore, the User Interface is very friendly and allows you to view the performance and value of different currencies you have stored in the wallet, all at one screen. There are pie charts as well which facilitate the users to know the diversification of their portfolio in percentages. Another great feature is that you also get to experience the versatility of their exchange. So you do not only get to store your coins, but you could trade them as well, all at one place.

How does it offer decentralization and immutability?

Atomic-Wallet-ICO-Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyOf course, blockchain networks are meant to be decentralized and impenetrable. But how specifically is that catered in Atomic Wallet? This is the question that a lot of investors and regular users ask. This solution is built on a server-less concept, which allows immutability in all usage aspects. None of the regulatory bodies in the World has the power to control it, whatsoever.
Wallet distribution: The application is distributed all across the BitTorrent network, which is probably the most robust, well established and widely used network on the internet. 
Asset management: The involvement of servers is limited, particularly when it comes to the usage and storage of private keys for each wallet. Atomic Wallet stores these keys on the customer side.
Order execution: This is processed through both blockchain and peer to peer. It must be noted that none of the third parties is involved during any transaction, so it is relatively easier to keep everything secure. 
Orderbook: This is quite a unique technology in Atomic Wallet

that is hosted on the BitTorrent protocol. Since it is run on a distributed network, no one has the power to seize or halt its working, whatsoever. Moreover, this DOB is also distributed in all of the online wallets.

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Item Reviewed: Atomic Wallet - A Multi Asset Custody-Free Wallet - Project Review Description: A wallet with robust technology with which you can send crypto to different addresses and receive funds from all wallets Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Raihan Shakeel
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