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Thursday, 15 November 2018

X-Block ICO Review - The First Global Blockchain 4.0 Based on Fog Computing

X-Block Project Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency


X-Block, based on Fog Computing framework, is the very first global public chain that aims to provide a user-friendly, light-weight and convenient blockchain ecosystem to every individual owning any functional device. With the use of Fog Computing technology along with blockchain, X-Block will gather computing power, storage, and bandwidth from every single device connected to the ecosystem, and provide a decentralized virtual platform for developers to build and run their own decentralized application in the blockchain.

Devices providing computing power, storage and bandwidth will get rewarded according to the power they are providing to the ecosystem, while developers will have to pay an affordable and convenient amount of fee to buy cloud computing to do their tasks easily.

Individuals can also take part in trading or mining on the ecosystem for which they can utilize X-Change which is a tool created to run the token ecosystem of the platform. Users can trade or my tokens using X-Change. Although users won’t get tokens as a reward for mining they get rewards for giving the computational power of their devices.


Cloud computing ecosystems of the world are mostly too costly, or maybe not as secure as they should be for developers who use them to do their tasks. Besides that, they are not decentralized, thus not giving the users a mental satisfaction of not being monitored at any time doing any task.

X-Block aims to provide the most cost-efficient computing environment for every individual, which would be totally decentralized since the power, storage, and bandwidth comes from individual devices around the globe making the whole ecosystem work. Every single device will work as a node for the network which would be equally responsible for the functionality of the network. The platform would also provide the developers with the tools and frameworks they might require to build decentralized apps on the blockchain, and allow them to create and execute their own smart-contracts. X-Change will allow them to run their ICOs and list their tokens for trading and mining in the ecosystem.

X-Block Project Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

Problems faced in Blockchain’s current development:

High Participation Threshold: Participation threshold for blockchain has been increasing rapidly. At starting, people could mine coins with only a simple computer, while now they require extremely powerful mining equipment to participate in the network. 

High learning and use cost: Lack of learning and development tools has always been a reason for keeping blockchain enthusiasts away from it. Not everyone can easily utilize the tools since if they exist, they are too costly for anyone to afford.

The narrow scope of applications: Blockchain technology has a very wide range of functionalities which can be utilized to a way bigger level than it is being utilized right now. The development community does not have the required tools and the platform to perform tasks they might have in their minds.

Solutions by X-Block:

Lower Participation Threshold: The Fog Computing technology provides access to multiple devices, letting them be a part of the chain being light nodes supporting the chain function. This ensures that any individual with any device having any kind of computational power and storage can participate in the network.

Cost-efficient and Developer-friendly: The platform will provide developers with a completely virtual computing environment with both computing and blockchain resources using which they can easily and quickly develop their blockchain applications.

Diverse Ecological Applications: The developers will be able to integrate mainstream technologies using the Fog framework to utilize them and build better, stronger and advanced blockchain applications for day to day use.

Token Information:


Symbol: IX
Price: 1 IX = 0.0054 USD
Hard Cap: 7,500,000 USD


Token Sale: 35%
Community & Mining: 25%
Ecosystem Development: 10%
Team Reserve: 10%
Partnerships: 10%
Foundation Reserve: 10%

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