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Monday, 19 November 2018

Securypto Project Review - A Anonymous Data Transfer & Encryption Platform

Securypto Project Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency


Securypto is a new and innovative encryption platform based on Zerocoin consensus to anonymously store and transfer data. The platform allows the users to encrypt any form of data using technologies like AES Encryption and RSA Key to provide complete safety of the uploads, and they also can transfer those encrypted data to other people using the platform. Users would require to use SCU tokens/coins to transfer data. The platform would also give the users a hardware wallet for storing their digital assets. A hardware widget named DigiSafeGuard would be used for all the stuff mentioned.

The platform utilizes blockchain technology to collect hosting services who will store the data, with the help of master nodes. Users can also upload content on the platform, and with the help of blockchain, those content or data is stored on host nodes who would then provide that content to other users. The user uploading the content can choose to monetize his content which would require the receiving user to pay tokens in order to decrypt and view or download the content.


Security and privacy are the very basic concerns of every individual in the online world today. Anyone using any kind of technology in any corner of the world would never like themselves to be exposed or any of their personal data to be seen by any third-party. There has been numerous attempts, good or bad, in the digital world to solve this issue and provide complete security and privacy to individuals around the globe.

Securypto is yet another attempt to provide the people with a whole new encryption and anonymity platform which would protect all their personal or private data from everyone. Such data can be anything from a text message to a video recording. A user can store and transfer the encrypted data as per their wish. The data transferred would only be available to the receiver having the key to decrypt it.

The platform would utilize the three key points to provide the promised services:

1) Hardware (DigiSafeGuard)
2) Software (Securypto Official Software)
3) Blockchain (Based on Zerocoin protocol)

1) Hardware (DigiSafeGuard):

DigiSafeGuard is the small, convenient and offline hardware device of Securypto built with very strong and unbreakable encryption technologies like AES protocol and RSA Key that can be used to encrypt, store and anonymously transfer data. The data would be encrypted with the RSA Key method that is impossible to penetrate or brute force. The device can also be used as a hardware wallet where users can securely store their digital assets without any worries of them being stolen or compromised. The hardware itself can be encrypted with 2FA authentication method and login credentials to keep your data more secure from the outer world.

Securypto Project Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

2) Software (Securypto Official Software):

Securypto software is the official software of the platform that is open-source and exceedingly user-friendly. The software provides the exact same features as the hardware device of the project. If a user, instead of buying the hardware device, wants to turn their own existing device into an absolutely secure vault, they can simply use the software. A user can encrypt, store or anonymously transfer data with the software as well. The software will be available for Android, iOS, Linux and Windows operating systems.

3) Blockchain (Based on Zerocoin protocol):

Securypto blockchain that is based on the Zerocoin protocol would work as a proxy that would connect masternodes with external hosting services which would store the data uploaded by the users on the platform. This would make a Paid-Content-Management system where the uploader will pay the masternode for connecting him with the host and the uploader would also pay the host for hosting his files/data. The uploader will have the choice to choose to get paid in return if someone views/downloads his uploaded content or just let it be free. Securypto's utility coin named SCU will be used for the transactions.

Token Information:


Symbol: SCU
Price: 1 ETH = 1300 SCU
Hard cap: N/A


Total Supply: 100,000,000 SCU

Crowd Sale: 70% (70,000,000 SCU)

Treasury: 8% (8,000,000 SCU)

Developer Team: 7% (7,000,000 SCU)

Bounty: 5% (5,000,000 SCU)

Angel Investors: 5% (5,000,000 SCU)

ICO Team: 3% (3,000,000 SCU)

Airdrop: 2% (2,000,000 SCU)

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