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Sunday, 11 November 2018

Ethershift - A step-by-step guide to buy/exchange tokens

About the project

Ethershift is a new token exchange that allows exchanging tokens or coins in a very easy and convenient way. It lists the tokens way earlier than other exchanges and makes it possible for potential investors to reach out the projects as early as their ICOs end.

The platform charges a minimal fee for every transaction or trade made on it, out of which, 50% is airdropped to Ethershift token (ESH) holders at the end of every quarter.

Ethershift's Main Sale is live right now. The price for the 1st round of the main sale is 400 ESH for 1 ETH, which will drop down to 200 ESH for 1 ETH in the 2nd round of the Main sale. The first round ends after 7 days from now, on 18th November 2018. The 2nd round will get started on 3rd December 2018.

Steps to buy ESH tokens or exchange any token

2. Click on "Token Sale" in the top Menu Bar.

3. Click on "Buy Now" button down below the 'Token Sale Stages' section.

4. Now on the next screen, click on the logo under "Deposit" and select the token/coin you want to use to buy another token/coin.

5. Then click on the logo under "Receive" and select the token/coin you want to receive in exchange for the token/coin you selected in the "Deposit" tab.

6. Then click on "Continue".

7. On the next screen, do the following:

(1) Enter the address from where you are depositing the tokens/coins from.

(2) Enter the address where you want to receive the exchanged tokens/coins.
(3) Enter the amount of tokens/coins you are depositing.
(4) Click on "Start Transaction"

8. Then you will get an address where you will have to send the tokens/coins you want to exchange with the other coin you selected. Once you send them and the transaction gets confirmed, you will receive your tokens in the address you provided to receive the coins.


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