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Saturday, 6 October 2018

Platio ICO Alert - A Smart Banking Platform

Platio ICO Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyWith cryptocurrency making its way into the international markets, new and secure solutions are sought for making transactions. It is believed that digital currency will soon take over the world, given its rapid adoption rate. It is for this reason that Platio has decided to offer banking services that are crypto friendly. Businesses using traditional currencies along with crypto should opt for it as it is a very secure and futuristic solution. The system is powered by blockchain technology, helping its users to choose the payment method. The company offers a variety of options for businesses to deal in crypto, including deals, receiving funds, and trading. 

Problems and Solutions

This banking solution comes with a feasibility for every problem. It offers an all in one app for asset management so the users can control and organize the crypto wallet, stocks and fiat through a single interface. There is no need to log in separately to access the assets individually. 
The volatility risks related to crypto are managed adequately through auto exchange and access loss risks are handled through standby transfer. 

Platio also offers smart escrow facility so that the probability of any fraudulent activity can be avoided. This conflict resolution system works in order to ensure transparency of the transactions, given that crypto payments are irreversible and there pertains to be no guarantee that the deal will be honored by both the parties. 

Furthermore, Platio is providing banking services that are crypto friendly, using a total of seven products that facilitate crypto transactions. This is to address the problems of traditional banking.

Lastly, the issue of making payments in crypto is addressed. This latest technology is inherently complex when it comes to accepting and storing. Platio business account offers special features that meet the needs of businesses with regards to varying volumes. 

Blockchain and Platio

The use of blockchain technology in Platio

ensures fast and transparent transactions. This will result in organizational efficiencies, increasing the output and decreasing transactional costs. The exchange and brokerage products offered by Platio along with payment cards, asset guard and smart escrow will prove to be a game changer in the digital world. The issues of security and complexity will be tackled through the platform whereby people will be able to easily deal in crypto. The product pertains to be user-friendly so as to enhance user experience. However, there is research and development that needs to be undertaken which requires funds. 

Platio as the new crypto banking 

Platio ICO Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyPlatio aims at making crypto a widespread means of payment. This is to be done in a secure manner by merging traditional financial services with the digital currencies. The integrity of information is maintained with the smart contract(s) signed in a cryptographically secure environment. It is believed that when the best features of the new and traditional banking systems are combined, a robust hybrid solution would entail. Working under the principles of know-your-customer, Platio is trying to identify its market so that it can meet customer needs at a broader level. 

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