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Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Stem Cells Innovation - ICO Review

Stem Cells ICO Alert, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency
The Stem Cells Innovation is avid to carry out research at an international level using the blockchain technology. It helps in the development of stem cell therapy in order to bring satisfying solutions to people. The SCI is also diversifying its connections with skilled professionals, hospitals, polyclinics, and laboratories to give authentic treatments that are required in the niche. It also guides people regarding the extent of personal details that must be shared with the specialist.

Role of blockchain technology in healthcare

The role of blockchain technology offers an opportunity in this healthcare network to strengthen the system of data sharing, data storing and data management, thus giving authority to patients to control their personal information without being compromised. It is vital to provide security and privacy to the users in order for the company’s system to be successful. The venture uses algorithms to generate and store user ID through blockchain technology. Through these ID’s, users are enabled to access customized stem cell services and provided with personalized stem cell solutions. 

An overview of the treatments in SCI

Even though there has been a significant development in this field in the last couple of years, it is important to conduct additional and supplemental research in order to deal with various kinds of medical conditions that affect many people in different corners of the world. Furthermore, there has been much advancement in spotting out treatments for bone marrow transplants, harrowing brain damage or injuries, strokes, Alzheimer, baldness, visual impairment, hearing impairment, wound salvation, diabetes, spinal cord injuries, miscellaneous forms of cancers and multitudinous other condition.

What do they aim?

The SCI aims at observing and supervising the progression of the stem cell therapy in various medical ambits all over the globe. Moreover, it has designed an online circle which focuses at sharing salient information from the stem cell pros research and to help promote numerous social platforms in order to maintain concurrence amongst all those interested in stem cell research. The company’s blockchain based network provides access to blogs, articles, and videos about stem cell probing which are greatly helpful in educating and increasing awareness amongst people. 

Formation of a customized blockchain

Stem Cells ICO Alert, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyStem Cells Innovation intends to operate on dual blockchain platforms out of which the first one will be based on an Ethereum protocol for only using tokens and the second one will be a custom app built by the engineers of the SCI. The aim of this app is to enhance the outreach of healthcare. 
The company has decided on designing its customized blockchain called the SCIblockchain in order to store and process the patient records. It will use the Hyperledger Fabric network and use smart contracts for the safety of the data, thus reassuring only authorized access to it and allowing the vertical operations of the SCIapplication. This infrastructure will also guarantee data integrity and security of transactions on the network.
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