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Tuesday, 18 September 2018

NAVIBRATION - A Audio Recorded Routes Network - ICO Alert

Navibration ICO Alert, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyIt happens to be a navigation system, allowing you to surf the World even without using maps or having internet connectivity. In fact, you do not even have to look at your device for navigating your way around the Globe.

Essentially, it is a decentralized social network for routing, which uses blockchain technology to ensure that different geolocations from across the planet provide the shortest and most efficient pathway and are not prone to hacking. It is worth noticing that this platform will guide you with the help of historical characters situated everywhere in the World. Since it features multiple languages, pretty much everyone in the World could enjoy its benefits.

The process

Before moving towards the specifics, let’s be very clear – the procedure and nature of this venture is quite unorthodox. Firstly, you are supposed to visit the smartphone app in order to buy the ‘Experiences’ offered by the platform, either by using the listed fiat currencies or if you already have Navicoins, that’s also accepted.

If you have used fiat currency at the time of checkout, the equivalent amount of Navicoins will be generated and deposited in your secure wallet, hosted by Navibration.

In the very next phase, smart contracts are utilized to ensure that the rewarding mechanism and ratio are defined without any external influence and on merit only. It also ensures that the recipient does not have to undergo a delay in case a specific rewarding threshold is met. Basically, the users are shown an interface where they could select their plans and on the backend, respective smart contracts are generated for automation.

Talking specifically about the receiving of rewards in Navicoins, it should be noted that you will only be rewarded if you participate in the network and help in the creation of a route.
Navibration ICO Alert, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyIf you are buzzed by the idea and want to participate in this project for earning, just download their apps from Google Play or Apple Store and create your account. It should also be noted that Navibration happens to be a patented business, so there is no chance that you would lose your hard earned money in a scam.

If you are a first time user, then there is an Alpha mode as well, which allows you to simulate the whole experience before actually using the app on your go. So it is pretty evident that Navibration is quite keen to ensure that the User Experience is at its best and all types of feasibilities are provided for that.

What’s exciting?

Honestly, everything is exciting here – even the name! Since we talked about Navibration’s keenness to facilitate their users, it is worth sharing that they plan to launch a blind-friendly version of the application in March 2019 and it will be a significant leap forward.
A couple of months after launching this version, they will also release Navibration watch for mainstream users and for bringing in a great pool of blind people within its folds, it will release Navibration stick as well.

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