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Monday, 10 September 2018

KubitX | A One-Stop-Shop Solution - ICO Review

KubitX ICO Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

They are offering a one-stop-shop solution to the crypto and blockchain community by allowing secure wallets, faster transactions, incentives for buyers and sellers and education as well. Apart from these core features, there is an arsenal of incentives and future measures being provided by the platform. Let us have a look at them below.

Faster TPS

Every crypto and blockchain enthusiast knows that since the BTC network is quite dense now, there is a bottleneck sort of situation, which has increased the delays significantly. Therefore, we all have seen a lot of altcoins and other blockchain solutions being launched in an attempt to solve this major issue. One of the core qualities of KuBitX is that it has increased the transaction speed per second and is among a couple of projects offering this feature in a one-stop shop business model.


Now, this is very rare. These days, it is very hard to find startups ready to dedicate time and resourced to educate the potential crypto community. All they are interested in is business. However, KuBitX has taken this brilliant initiative and they offer on ground workshops as well as seminars for the people who are yet unaware of the advantages and opportunities offered by blockchain. For an example, it is worth noticing that Africa holds huge potential and until now, only about 4% of its population is engaged in cryptocurrencies. So if KuBitX exploits that emerging market, it could be a major event in its favor and of course, in the favor of entire crypto industry as well.

Language Diversification

Most of the companies often ignore it and that is where they lose customers as the message is not spread efficiently. However, at KuBitX, they have a global channel ambassador program in place to ensure that they have an appropriate customer support representative in pretty much every locality.

Reduced Fee  

KuBitX claims to have the lowest transaction fee, whether you use the native toke, KBX, or any other cryptocurrency on the platform. If you intend to trade in another currency, they will charge you 0.05% processing fee, but for native token users, there is an additional 25% off, which is just incredible.

Low Risk

The technology ensures that the funds are kept in a cold storage and they are never exposed to the public and since they use multi signatures, the transfer of funds is also kept transparent. So it is pretty clear that the team does not only understand the need for optimization in funds storage but in transfers as well.

KubitX ICO Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyHigh Scalability

Since KuBitX is not using a centralized database and the entire concept revolves around Peer to Peer technology, there is no concept of maximum customers here and the system is quite scalable.

Highly Secure

Apart from the fact that blockchain itself is very secure than its competing technologies, the team running KubitX is very experienced and it clearly shows that the management was keen enough to hire people from among the top-notch companies in the industry, renowned in their reputation for providing decent security to the users.

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