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Sunday, 16 September 2018

Emmares | A Tool For Email Content Marketers - ICO Reviewa

Emmares ICO Alert, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency
Essentially, it happens to be a digital reputation management tool for email content marketers. Since we have been experiencing plenty of spam emails and malicious links in the emails, it is pretty understandable that this venture could turn out to be a huge success because the solution is not only implementable on an individual level, but throughout organizations as well. 

One of the most important features is that after a screening process, every email that you send is evaluated by the system and is awarded a trust score before it finally appears in someone's inbox. It does not only build your credibility but ensures that the readers do not have to go through spams or malicious link containing content before finally getting their hands on something relevant. It is worth noticing that Emmares has taken reasonable measures to guarantee that the system creates a win-win situation for all participants. For instance, both senders and recipients of each respective email are rewarded. Of course, their percentages are way different, depending on the value being added by each party.

Perks as a token buyer

As of yet, Emmares is conducting a token sale and it is going pretty well if compared with the significant others. If you happen to buy a couple of tokens at this stage, you get a very decent chance to secure a reasonable amount of perks as being a pioneer community member. Supporting a budding venture with such a huge potential is always good as it could boost up your portfolio to greater heights and offer higher Return on Investment as well.

Now if you look at it, Emmares definitely seems like the future of email marketing by creating a mutually rewarding platform and ensuring that not everybody has the liberty to send emails and lay traps for the laymen.

Perks as a publisher

Emmares ICO Alert, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyThese are basically the people driving sales for this platform. If you happen to be an efficient, creative and responsible email marketer, while ensuring that the content is relevant to your audience, this platform offers you the best opportunity to maximize your earnings. Interaction with your audience happens to be a key factor in this system since your reviews will be generated on the very basis

The percentage of rewards and increment depend on the following conditions:

  1. Duration of engaging your potential customers (also called recipients or readers of the email)
  2. How you build a reputation in the network
  3. Targeting a very narrow niche and boosting up the rate of quality lead generation

Perks as a recipient

Also known as evaluators, in this case, recipients are awarded Emmares tokens after evaluating and grading an email. It is worth noticing that none of the senders are auto-subscribed and you are never bombarded with emails to evaluate them. 

Recipients only receive the emails which are of their interest. So spamming is not even a question here. Following are two of the ways to collect tokens:

  1. If you happen to be an evaluator as well as a publisher, then you enjoy the liberty to use the tokens for you rewarding pool
  2. If you are only a recipient, then you can exchange your assets with publishers

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