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Friday, 14 September 2018

Buying | Purchase Directly From Wholesalers - ICO Alert

As the name suggests, it is the very first e-commerce platform allowing community members to purchase directly from an array of listed distributors and wholesalers. Now if you look at the scope, it seems like decentralized Alibaba and Shopify. The steps it caters to in this whole process include:

  1. Payment handling in cryptocurrencies
  2. Logistical tracking on the blockchain
  3. Bulk pricing
  4. E-commerce feasibility

Problems with the multi-trillion-dollar industry ICO Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyPeople do not prefer buying from physical shops because of various reasons. Firstly, they are unable to compare products from various suppliers in real time and secondly, the deals are quite scanty. Since every second person is hitting online marketplaces, this niche has boosted up to about 5 trillion dollars. 

This boom has not only nourished the E-commerce industry but the related niches, such as payment gateways, have also grown to a significant extent.

It is quite unfortunate that in the current scenario, buyers are unable to purchase directly from producers and wholesalers because they need to order a minimum quantity to be considered. 
At Buying, although bulk purchases are preferred, the business model takes into account all the use case and caters to the requirements of individuals as well. For instance, if the Minimum Order Quantity is set at 70, then potential buyers cannot negotiate for that. However, even after someone has purchased bulk from them and they still have a few items left, users can always order one or two pieces.

Buying offers a comprehensive solution by providing everything under one flag. A marketplace of thousands of products, hundreds of merchants, tens of producers and distributors and of course, consumers as well. It also features a full fledge payment gateway for allowing people to form an even larger ecosystem. Since everything is hosted on a DLT, the chance of any discrepancy in the product's data is impossible. 

Reasons to invest in this token ICO Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyWell, it should be noted that you do not only hold BUY tokens after explicitly making an investment. In fact, all the users who add value to the ecosystem are rewarded in one way or another. For instance, if you happen to be a marketer, just bring in the potential customers and the venture will award you in its native tokens as referral rewards.

Moreover, if you use the platform for buying and selling, you will start getting rewards after trading a specified value of goods or a certain threshold set by the system.

It is worth noticing that Buying uses a business model similar to that offered by Shopify and Alibaba. But what’s more exciting for the overall market and particularly challenging for Shopify is that this futuristic technology, comprising of Decentralized Ledgers, is all set to give a tough time to Shopify’s $17 billion net worth.

Since the market is quite dense and potential buyers are always interested in comparing different pricing for the same products, Buying allows everyone to cross-check the price on the same webpage where a product is listed. It also guarantees the best value for money.


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Item Reviewed: Buying | Purchase Directly From Wholesalers - ICO Alert Description: An ico alert about very 1st e-commerce platform allowing community members to purchase directly from an array of listed distributors and wholesalers. Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Raihan Shakeel
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