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Thursday, 2 August 2018

RUBIUS The future of finance

Rubius is a blockchain based payment ecosystem which facilitates crypto trading and transactions. Its exchange allows users to buy, sell or trade digital currencies in an instinctive environment with low transaction fees. The next striking feature of this platform is its wallet, Aryl, which is versatile and well-equipped to offer different solutions to the users. It has a volatility shield which protects your funds by converting unstable digital currencies into stable and preferred ones. The wallet converts your funds back to your preferred digital currencies in case of sending payments to others. The ecosystem focuses to address the issues of volatility, complexity and exploitative fees. The wallet also offers a facility to the users to connect to their friends and it is in their roadmap to enable a chat option. They can also send and receive real-time payments through this wallet. In case the receiver doesn’t have Aryl, he receives a signup request to complete the transaction. Furthermore, you never run on the risk of sending your money to the wrong wallet address because you have to enter your contact detail instead of entering a wallet number. Below we will explain few of the unique features of this platform:

Rubius Exchange

This app allows trading several digital currency pairs on its platform by just signing up to the application. Providing your additional KYC information is required to prevent fraud and money laundering. The exchange also has a web version to make it more user-friendly. It aims to host hundreds of digital currencies such as BTC, ETH, XPR to name a few. It also has a high-level user interface with API functionality. The exchange also aims to incorporate different tradable assets, stocks, mutual funds, fiat currencies and ETFs.

Volatility Shield

It is needless to say that digital currencies are highly volatile and this is one of the reasons that they are not making their way to mainstream. Companies avoid receiving payment in cryptocurrencies because they are vulnerable to highly volatile moves which can push them in an unrecoverable loss. Rubius provides volatility shield which allows everyone to convert their coins to a safer currency as long as they don’t have to send the payments. You can convert it to your preferred currency once you need to send the money. Similarly, receiving payments is also protected through a feature which automatically converts the received amount into your preferred storage currency. Hence, you never become vulnerable to sudden and massive price drops.

Offering Rubius Smart Loans facility

The platform also offers a smart loan facility where users can get loans from within the community. RSL is an escrow application which ensures that the loan is provided on meeting the set conditions. To give more security, it also allows the users to select someone as an arbitrator in the agreement who will mediate in case a dispute arises. The loan contracts can directly be deployed through Aryl wallet. As we know the conventional system does not provide security to your data because it uses centralized ledgers, this application offers the users an unparalleled security with the sheer help of decentralized ledgers for storing of all kinds of data.

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