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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

PavoCoin | Blockchain Based Agriculture Business Platform

Pavo ICO Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyPavo is a blockchain based platform which addresses problems associated with agriculture business. The platform works like a marketplace for the farmers, buyers, wholesalers, distributors and service providers to connect them so that they could better understand each other’s needs. The data from fields and farms is supplied and stored on the blockchain which is accessible to the buyers and other stakeholders. Once all the information about the food is available, everyone conveniently negotiates their needs. For example, consumers better know what food they are eating and how has it grown, to cut short the debate. Similarly, farmers have their own advantages on the network, for example, they can presell their crops which financially empowers them to grow more crops. Previously, they had to wait for the crop to be cultivated and sent to the market to receive money. So it is a multi-rewarding platform where every participant is equally rewarded. 

Use of advanced technology to improve agri-business 

Agroindustry has never seen such a revolution where crops are managed based on the data and information provided through smart sensors and Artificial Intelligence. The purpose of introducing this technology is to secure maximum output for all the participants. The first benefiter of this technological advancement is the agro-industry itself. It makes the management of farms and gardens easier to increase the production of the crops. The use of real data stored on the blockchain ledger enables farmers and growers to make decisions that increase their productivity and financially strengthens them. It has a broader scope and impact since it will fuel up the agriculture industry which happens to be at about $5 trillion and is growing with the increase in population 

Pavo Coin and its uses

The ecosystem has a native coin, Pavo, which is used by all the participants of the platform. No one can utilize the benefits of the platform until he buys Pavo Coin. The purpose of introducing this currency is to promote the use of digital currencies in the field of agriculture. Consumers will use it to buy food from the farmers on the platform while farmers will be receiving payment after preselling their crops using smart contract technology. 
Farmers, wholesalers, buyers, consumers and service providers will also use it for making different types of transactions between themselves. 

What problems will it solve?

Pavo ICO Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyFood demand is growing globally but unfortunately, the agriculture sector is facing problems in producing food items and selling them on the market to get a decent return on investment. This platform equips them with data which will enable them to grow crops which are in demand and increase the production by following the recommendations about weather, soil and climate conditions. Farmers have never been on the driving seat when it comes to prices. They just receive the price against their crops settled by the market. This platform empowers them to set the price against their crops. It will also increase the competition among the growers which will result in the delivery of quality food to the consumers.

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