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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

OPU | A Blockchain Based Skin Care Lab

OPU ICO Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency
OPU is a blockchain based skin care lab which benefits patients, treatment centers, dermatologist, product manufacturers and brand specialist in their respective domains. It uses machine learning technology to analyze, compare and recommend treatment options to the patients. All the data and information pertaining to skin health problems, recommendations, treatments and info related to products, is stored on the blockchain in the first place and then the analysis is performed. The ecosystem creates a whole community and patients can conveniently ask for advice from any member. The platform features Customer Retention Management (CRM) which collects patient’s reviews, notes and mobile history to the doctors.

Use of Artificial Intelligence in OPU

The first question that comes to mind about this app is how it remotely diagnoses skin problems. Well, it uses advanced facial recognition and AI technologies to scan your face, analyze its type, color, and condition. A complete report is formed which is then forwarded to the dermatologist for advice and treatment. The connected global community can also support to solve your problems based on their knowledge and experience. The features do not end here and the support is extended to provide free DIY programs as per your skin conditions. You can also consult an online dermatologist or a skin specialist from the nearby area. The technology also scans skin products from online stores and recommends the suitable ones.

Prominent features of the platform

Fortunately, it is free for all users where they can schedule sessions with skin specialists and record their skin conditions on the profile. After treatment, you can see the results on your profile pictures in a detailed manner. You can also schedule an individual session with the dermatologists which will include chats, product recommendations, and reviews to sort out your problem. With all of these features, you can feel that you have a complete skin lab in your pocket. The platform recommends the clinics after analyzing your information to suggest the nearest skin clinic. There is a web app that helps you scan your face for facial analysis to determine skin health by using AI technology. OPU has an Ethereum based token named OPU Coin and is used in the OPU marketplace.

What is the potential of the platform? 

OPU ICO Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency
We have seen blockchain is revolutionizing dozens of industries and hundreds of business models but we have never come across a platform which solves skin problems. Youngsters are conscious about their skin and they do everything to make it flawless and glowing. Dermatologists are fewer in number than other physicians and the platform provides them with an easy solution where they can find a rated skin specialist with the help of few clicks. It incorporates all the industry players and encourages them to take part in the platform by posting their experiences, reviews, problems, and recommendations. This feedback, in turn, helps all the participants in finding their respective members on the platform conveniently. With all these features, the application seems to be replacing the old age practices of skin treatment in the near future.

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