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Thursday, 9 August 2018

OptinCoin | A Blockchain Based Advertising system

OptinCoin ICO Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyOPTIN is a blockchain based advertising system which increases the productivity, economy, and transparency of the industry stakeholders. The ecosystem benefits advertisers, content creators, users and publishers in an efficient manner. The current advertisement system is directionless and keeps on publishing the advertisement randomly without verifying the relevance of the message. Most of the ad campaigns appear on the screen are irrelevant to us, thus providing a poor return on investment to the advertisers and publishers. The platform helps advertisers to reach out to the right people at a favorable site and convenient time which increases productivity. Similarly, brands and marketers are after user data but there is no system that could filter out the unwanted data which again increases the time and efficiency of ad campaigns. Below we will discover the problems that the existing advertising infrastructure is facing and their solutions:

What problems does OPTIN aim to address? 

Adopting a blockchain technology without a purpose does not make it revolutionary, therefore it is must to have a focus and aim before going for it. Our current advertising system is less rewarding, costly, and un-protective with many other laws
pertaining to user data and irrelevant audiences. Data is the new oil for economy and companies are hungry to collect the data that could later be utilized for their gains. In this race of data collection, consumers are compromising their privacy because no one asks for permission before accessing it. 
The collected data is then processed to form ad campaigns which become irrelevant for most of the viewers because of this least customized data and advertisers don’t get their desired ROI. When the publishers generate insufficient revenue, they don’t bother to produce quality advertising content. The conventional process also witnesses a great deal of intervention from middlemen related to data, traffic, and advertisements which also contributes to the cost of the overall process. The system runs everything in haste and therefore nobody bothers to conduct a thorough market research. 

How are these problems addressed in OPTIN?

OptinCoin ICO Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyThe team has over thirty years of experience in media and market research organizations which enables them to provide unique solutions to these problems. In the first place, it protects the user's data and only shares it with the relevant players. It also complies with the strict General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). By sharing user’s information with the relevant organizations, the whole process of ad and campaigns become customized which rewards everyone. The ecosystem is also committed to providing ultimate transparency where participants can see data and fund transfers which eventually increases the trust in the system. The platform also enables advertisers to get free and unbiased data which helps them choosing appropriate media houses without having to pay hefty upfront amounts. It also compensates the users for their time and effort. To conclude the debate, OPTIN is a multi-rewarding advertisement platform which improves the advertisement process to give everyone a fair share of their efforts. Another advantage which makes the system favorite

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Item Reviewed: OptinCoin | A Blockchain Based Advertising system Description: A blockchain based advertising system which increases the productivity, economy, and transparency of the industry stakeholders. Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Raihan Shakeel
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