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Thursday, 9 August 2018

LipChain | Blockchain Based Ecosystem For Sailors & Surfers

LipChain ICO Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencySurfing industry nests about 60 million people contributing to an annual revenue generation of up to $130 billion. It is an exciting sport and the national game of Portugal which is facing geographical, seasonal and “lack of good-waves” problems. People familiar with surfing know that it requires an equal height of waves aligned in the same direction. The ideal locations are very limited on earth and weather conditions are also not favorable for the game most of the times. Favorable surfing times only come once or twice annually which is restricting the game. Another problem is the lack of funds for training which accounts for 270 Euros per month after an initial investment of 750 Euros accompanied with the funds required to purchase equipment. 

How LipChain provides solutions to these problems?

LipChain is an ecosystem which allows sailors and surfers to post their photos and videos on the app and earn tokens. This is a sponsoring program which enables the participants to earn up to 840 Euros per month through ratings of the community on their posted photos and videos. The platform aims to construct wave pools for training throughout the year by constructing an inland Eco Resort. What makes this app unique is its rewarding nature to the surfers who get to post their content on social sites and on other platforms for free. 

LipChain decentralized social network

Surfers spend all the money on this expensive sport to put their content on their social media pages for free as a recreational and social activity. The LipChain decentralized social network provides them with an opportunity to make this activity financially rewarding where they could meet the expenses of the game and construct an infrastructure favorable for surfing. This venture has a sponsoring system which is driven by smart contracts. Their followers, friends, and fans will also be benefited by making videos and posting them on the app (they are already doing it for free) to form a community.

Facilitating new athletes to join in

The ecosystem will also invite the organizations dealing with video contests to rate the videos and rank the participants. The best surfer will then be rewarded and will get recognition in the community. The system will introduce more athletes to the public than produced through expensive sponsorship programs. Public recognition will pave way for hitting the national and international level in an economical way. 

Building of Lip Wave Pool Center

LipChain ICO Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyThe ecosystem will build a pool center to cater to overcrowded beaches and weather condition problems to facilitate year-round training sessions. In a Lip Wave pool center, 100 athletes will be able to play per hour and the waves will be generated every 8 seconds at an hourly fee of 20 Euros. Each pool will accommodate up to 100 surfers per day which will produce athletes 10 times faster than the conventional practice. Initially, the pool will be built in Portugal and the rest of the pool’s location will be decided by the consensus of the community. 

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Item Reviewed: LipChain | Blockchain Based Ecosystem For Sailors & Surfers Description: A Blockchain based ecosystem which allows sailors and surfers to post their photos and videos on the app and earn tokens. Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Raihan Shakeel
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