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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Heroic | A Blockchain Based and AI Cybersecurity Platform

Heroic ICO Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyAll industries are rushing to adopt the internet economy, but just like anything else, it has a price as well. The immediate threat comes from the internet itself and the experts have always been curious to give cyber threats a tough time. This is the very reason why cybersecurity’s demand has boosted drastically in the recent years. Heroic gives it an entirely new perspective by incorporating Artificial Intelligence as well. It proves that manual and traditional security procedures are outdated in this era and the experts need to move towards AI in order to make their systems learn automatically and respond in the most efficient manner, without relying on any human support. It does not only make the response rate go higher but diminishes the error to a significant extent.

A unified solution

All cyber security experts firmly believe that threats cannot be sabotaged with a mere antivirus and plenty of checks are required in order to thwart an attack. This is exactly what Heroic offers since it possesses a multitude of features.

Unified security management

With the threats evolving every second, this solution combines the sheer and collective power of data breach control, ID theft protection and AI to ensure that the network only takes a single turn to analyze and mitigate a cybersecurity event from scratch. After that, the AI learns of it and responds befittingly for all systems on the network.

Open security

A couple years back, only a handful of multinational companies were able to afford AI-based solutions for cybersecurity. But Heroic is not that expensive and particularly aims at solving the routine

problems and even complex threats faced by individuals. Even a single person or family could afford it.

Intelligent threat protection

It is quite hard to analyze big data and an enormous amount of computational power is required to serve the purpose. This data is mainly utilized for extracting the useful information out of it, but a lot of times, it may contain viruses and malware. That is where Heroic's AI comes into play and identifies several threat patterns and their dependencies within the network. These are quite difficult to identify by humans or even by machines with ordinary computational power. A great deal of intelligence is required, which is served by this platform.


Heroic ICO Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyThis cybersecurity network is decentralized and is hosted on a blockchain. Let’s shed some light on its products and how they offer a comprehensive solution:
Arc reactor
It is an intelligence feature that allows collection, transformation, and distribution of data over the network to keep the community aware of all the possible threats on the network and in the mainstream internet industry as well.
It is responsible for merging the data collected from the arc reactor with Artificial Intelligence, in order to determine whether anything poses a potential cybersecurity risk to the system or not.
R&D platform
The target audience of this feature happens to be developers and organizations. Basically, it provides an interface where users have the ability to create their own solutions and interact with threat data as well.

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Item Reviewed: Heroic | A Blockchain Based and AI Cybersecurity Platform Description: A Blockchain based and AI Cybersecurity Platform which aims at solving the routine problems and even complex threats faced by individuals Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Raihan Shakeel
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