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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Epik Token | Blockchain Licensing Marketplace BLMP

Epik Token ICO Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyEpik Token features BLMP (Blockchain licensing marketplace) which focuses on selling virtual goods by using a digital platform. Virtual goods happen to be intellectual properties and do not include costs involved in manufacturing real-time goods such as labor, raw material, promotional and transportation costs to name a few. It is a one-time cost that keeps on returning the profit without any further investment. Hence, this ecosystem has smartly chosen a business model to benefit the industry in a unique way. 

What BLMP actually does?

The main function of this ecosystem is to connect virtual goods with digital platforms for producing liquid value. It creates licenses for digital platforms where they can sell out virtual goods. It uses blockchain technology for the production of these goods. The ecosystem covers the whole process of creating virtual goods, tokenization, and provenance of these goods, while autonomously rewarding all the stakeholders.

Virtual goods are in demand

With the passage of time, people are transitioning from their traditional activities to something more innovative. Today, as most of the activities have shifted online, people spend more time with messengers and online games. Virtual goods have therefore become important to them. It is obvious that people will value it more because they spend most of their time online and it is fact that they also spend their money where they spend their time. 

The utility of BLMP

Things have changed with the time and there are consumers who spend on the things that they can't even see like their social status, identities, and classes.   
In purchasing virtual goods, the transactions are being distributed in a decentralized manner upon meeting the conditions of the agreement. It is still an early time of this sort of model where the relationship between brands and digital platforms has barriers such as legal paperwork, transparency, accountability and inefficient processes. BLMP provides the right platform to the participants where they can bypass these barriers by trusting on the decentralized platform. 

Benefits for the brands

The Epik Token platform offers brands an opportunity to follow their intellectual property on the decentralized ledger from content creation to resale markets. By adopting the platform, they can expand their reach and make their businesses scalable and transparent. 

Benefits for Digital Platforms

These are the main stakeholders of this ecosystem. They can use it without having to sign long-term contracts. By using this rewarding program, they can choose licensed virtual goods that best fit their digital media venture. It is first of its kind program which allows digital media platform to increase their revenues, retain existing users and earn extra income. 

Benefits for the customers

Epik Token ICO Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyCustomers only have to create one account on the digital media platform of their choice. They can use it with convenience because they don’t need to thoroughly understand the working of wallets. Customers are free to buy their required goods using this single platform. With all of these features, we can confidently say that this ecosystem is going to achieve great success in the days to follow. 

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