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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Emmares | Blockchain Based Email Content Developers

Emmares ICO Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency
Emmares is a blockchain based application which promises to provide reputation to email content developers and senders by eliminating the chance of spam mailing. Recipients will receive customized, targeted and quality content developed after trusted evaluations and scores. The ecosystem is kept open for everyone to give reviews on the ads they receive. These reviews help figure out the top-rated email senders as well as the content. We will describe below some of the promising features of Emmares.

How will Emmares work in real-time? 

Here we will explain how will this platform benefit the users and how can they utilize it for their promotional needs. If you are running a company that produces hygienic food and you want to expand your operations, you have to buy EMA tokens for generating a rewarding pool for starting a campaign. The next step is to send your marketing material like e-magazines and brochures to your existing contacts to gauge the response through their reviews. Emmares platform will evaluate the grades and filter out the users who have responded with positive reviews and put them in their list of high-rated responders against hygienic food category. This way the platform will collect customized data which will help other companies to approach relevant targeted audiences.  

Why is it a better email promotion platform?

Emmares is the only ecosystem that addresses spam emails and gives you honest feedback about your content. Through evaluation, it will keep a watch on the quality of your promotional material and will inform you in case your quality drops. New consumers of your product will easily approach you by searching through category using the app, this will spread your message across targeted audiences. The unique aspect of this app is that it does not force information on the receivers and only provides them the stuff that they are interested in. it provides a win-win scenario where both the participants equally get benefited. The system allows new consumers to be a part of the active process and put their reviews against the respective products and services. 

How is it different from popular ESPs?

Emmares ICO Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency
Popular Email Service Providers (ESPs) have the possibility of low deliverability because of wrong addresses and low-quality content. Emmares eliminates irrelevant emails coming to your inbox, hence saving your time. It uses evaluating footer for every campaign which receivers use for evaluation and grading purpose, the system rewards the users who participate in reviews. Popular ESPs such as Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook are not considered as competitors to this revolutionized ecosystem, however, users who don’t have an account on the popular email service providers can also use it. This is because the venture aims to include these email services to globalize the platform faster. 

So Emmares is not in competition with any of the popular email service providers and works independently. As far as its true competitors are concerned, there is no other similar application which serves the purpose. To conclude the debate, we observe that partnering with this blockchain based system will be beneficial for marketers who rely on email marketing as well as for the consumers in the long run. 

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Item Reviewed: Emmares | Blockchain Based Email Content Developers Description: A blockchain based application which promises to provide reputation to email content developers and senders by eliminating the chance of spam mailing. Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Raihan Shakeel
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