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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

DealJoy | A Blockchain Based Online Shopping System

DealJoy ICO Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyThis is the venture where crypto and blockchain niches get a whole meaning. I mean earlier, you used to spend a hefty amount of money while shopping. But now, you earn crypto while shopping online. This is what Deal Joy is all about. In a nutshell, this project aims to connect merchants and online shoppers in order to facilitate a seamless trading experience while both parties receive ultimate benefits. 
Let us have a quick look at the most immediate and rational benefits offered by Deal Joy.

No personal details

If you look at it, it is basically the advantage of blockchain where every individual is represented by a wallet address and there is no real identity to trace you. Since Deal Joy runs on the blockchain, it possesses the same feature and does not take any private information from you, which keeps you safe at all costs.

No data selling

In the past, we have seen an array of startups that take quite a great deal of data from their users and then, when need be, they sell that personal data to the highest bidder. This is truly insane and thankfully, it is one of the core concerns countered by Deal Joy.


DealJoy ICO Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyYet again, it happens to be an explicit blockchain advantage and since it runs on an ERC20 token, the venture dishes out all payments in DEAL tokens. If it started paying out traditional fiat, then, of course, you would have to reveal your ID, but that is not a requirement anymore. 
Well, you must be asking yourself, how does it benefit you in terms of money? The business model is quite optimistic and yet futuristic as well. Of course, the merchants and sellers are paid because you buy stuff from them, but since it allows you to negotiate, and you happen to spend more time and resources on the internet, after making a purchase, you receive a cashback as a token of appreciation. It should also be noted that the venture believes in releasing all cashbacks without waiting for any minimum threshold. All payments are instant.
In the traditional business models, being followed by market leaders, you are either rewarded for making a direct sale, or through the leads generated by affiliate marketing. Even after that, you are expected to wait for several weeks before payment could be released after tax deductions. This is not an ideal case for the customer and Deal Joy caters to this requirement pretty reasonably by eliminating the need of being an affiliate. Just buy and earn instantly!
As soon as the ETH compatible tokens are released, they can be withdrawn in your wallet to be converted into any other pair of currency that your preferred exchange offers. 
It is quite a knitted platform. I mean the business model strictly favors token holders and this is why the circulating supply is lower than its competitors. As a result, it puts buying pressure which ultimately aids in the betterment of the overall token value.

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