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Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Buglab | A Blockchain based Cybersecurity system

Buglab ICO Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyBuglab is a blockchain based system which connects cybersecurity experts with companies for finding and fixing vulnerabilities on their online portals. There are two sections of this ecosystem, namely contest and vigilant protocol which perform as follows. 

  1. Contest: under this, companies are connected with certified cybersecurity experts for penetration testing. These experts are rewarded based on the number of discoveries they do in the allotted times. This competition improves cybersecurity capacities to provide ultimate security to the companies’ data and information. 
  2. Vigilant Protocol: under this, white hat hackers are provided a platform where they can share their vulnerability discoveries. These findings are then verified through CERTs and companies are notified of any risks and vulnerabilities.  

Who are the users of Buglab?

Small and medium-sized enterprises from all across the globe can effectively use this platform for safeguarding their digital assets. Apart from these organizations, there are Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs) who will be joining Buglab platform for partnering to deliver a sustainable vulnerability solution to the companies. There are pen-testers, white hats and expert security researchers who will be joining the platform for providing security solutions to the companies worldwide. Hence, the ecosystem is well equipped to provide ultimate security solutions to everyone globally. 

Problems in current cybersecurity services

To answer this question, we have to compare the mechanism of cybersecurity providers, currently in practice with this revolutionary platform. The traditional system is costly and you can't track down the amount of fee charged against the services. Testers charge you on an hourly basis or on fixing the number of vulnerabilities in the system. Both modes are cost-inefficient. Moving to the next point of relevant reporting where testers are unable to cover all the vulnerabilities and their in-depth analysis which do not provide value to the clients.  
The next weakness of the current (traditional) system is that it has a lack of resources to thoroughly fix the penetrations. So all of these loopholes need to be addressed on a technological level.  

How Buglab solves these problems?

Buglab ICO Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyThe ecosystem is designed to provide customized security services to the companies as per their needs. They can choose a company or a team of validated pen-testers (the minimum number of pen-testers in a team is five), as they require. You can also launch a contest where you only have to set your proposal and wait for the community members to respond to your query, this is called public contest. Therefore, users are privileged to choose a team from a reputed firm for assigning a task. So companies experience ultimate control over getting customized services for meeting their security needs. They can further customize their search by filtering out professionals based on their country, skillset or scores. It also mediates between the two parties in case a dispute arises. For example, if a pen-tester thinks that he has been awarded a wrong score, he can ask the platform to intervene.  
Buglab looks into the matter impartially and objectively provides a solution to the problem. So in all ways, it is an improved system to provide cybersecurity services in a transparent and economical way.

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