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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

VEIAG Virtual Economic Investment Academic Guild

Blockchain has revolutionized tens of industries by hosting different applications and ventures but nothing has appeared to compete against VEIAG in terms of social responsibility. It is a global organization which aims to develop and implement values in business projects across the globe. These values focus on human rights, anti-corruption, labor rights and environment.

Sustainable Development Goals

The ecosystem will create an environment where people will join for contributing in order to achieve sustainable development goals.

This sustainability of economic growth will help the people and community prosper and develop. It would also create a favorable environment for masses to pursue their aspirations.

Moreover, it will bring economic empowerment in the society and also help eradicate the poverty. This ecosystem also promotes environmental sustainability. VEIAG will manage and control these businesses and bring awareness among general public so that they take part and ownership of the organization’s operations.

Value-Based projects

It aims to promote and maintain value-based businesses to ensure the basic human and labor rights are protected and no corruption takes place. This will be monitored by a transparent and fully automated management system.

Transparent and Ethical means of businesses

By discouraging corrupt practices in carrying out business operations it aims to strengthen supply chain industry. It will also asses the future business potential and improve social responsibility. The venture will also ensure that the value of project suitability increases and with that, the value of the native token boosts as well so that the token holders receive the ultimate benefit of their investment.

Real-Time Gold Backed Cryptocurrency

The problem with the cryptocurrencies is that they are speculative and their values are impacted based on the speculation. Most of the digital currencies do not have a sustainable real-time business model or entity backing them up and therefore there is no pattern which defines their value.

Veiag has worked on that aspect and created a real-time Gold-backed cryptocurrency whose value will depend on the value of the asset it is representing. Hence it will give the token holders a tangible value for their tokens.

A continuous source of income for the token holders

The ecosystem also ensures to reward the token holders in a sustainable manner by allocating 25% of the profit gained from the network of sustainable enterprises. This will give more sense of security to the participants and they will be trading with more ease.

Sustainable development goals

The goals of this program are to eradicate poverty and hunger, promote good health, provide quality education, bring gender equality and provide clean water to the community. It is a true value-based program which has dozens of such goals, few of them listed as under:

  • Work for a sustainable environment
  • Protect the life below water and life on the land
  • Reduce inequalities among all classes
  • Help increase economic growth
  • Provide cheap and clean energy

Active participant of the United Nations Global Compact

VEIAG is an active partner of the UNGC and agrees to the ten principals of United Nations Global Compact. The goal is to make these principal part of our culture which will improve the moralities of our society and bring peace and harmony as well.

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