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Monday, 16 July 2018

Ubex - Global Decentralized Advertising Exchange - Project Review


Ubex-ICO-Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyIt has targeted one of the most lucrative niches on the internet – advertising. Every month, people spend millions of dollars to boost up their businesses but they do not get the promised results. This is exactly where Ubex comes into play and offers its robust AI-based technology. It does not only make the process more efficient, but the trust is also established on a mutual basis which is very important for conducting an online business. 
We will discuss a couple of most frequent problems faced by the users in traditional advertising and how Ubex has countered them.

Benefits for users

Firstly, since there are AI and deep learning involved in the venture, users are not displayed irrelevant ads. It is not only good from the viewers' perspective, but customers of Ubex are also satisfied that they are paying to make their ads visible to the target audience only. Moreover, it cuts down the need for having intermediaries and hence, the cost of advertising is reduced since users do not have to pay any hidden fee or service fee to the middlemen. 
At Ubex, you are not dealing with individuals, who often tend to be scammers. It is a registered company with proven algorithms for targeted marketing. So the risks are minimized to great extent.

Benefits for advertisers

The primary factor that bothers most advertisers is the ineffectiveness of a platform that they are paying for. Most of the times, this ineffectiveness is realized after spending a hefty sum on advertising. However, the case is quite sincere here since the advertisers do not have to deal with multiple streams and everything is well explained in the whitepaper. 
Moreover, advertisers often face uncertainty as to whether their prospects will be forced to make clicks or they will click on it after getting impressed by the visual representation of the ads. Ubex offers a traceability tool as well where you could monitor all of your paid campaigns and their progress in terms of quality clicks, views and leads generated.
It also cuts down the cost where advertisers often have to pay for hiring social media experts, Google Adwords experts and a lot of other platforms. It offers a centralized dashboard for monitoring and campaigning on an array of platforms, seamlessly.


Ubex-ICO-Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencySo after considering all of these pros, it is quite evident that Ubex empowers you to maximize your efficiency to market in the relevant niche, by favoring:
The elimination of intermediaries 
The self-learning mechanism deployed on this neural network which aids in enhanced targeting and generating more leads for the customers
Pay per result model instead of charging you on the basis of PPC or PPV
Creation and maintenance of a database for storing the transparent results of every target action performed on the network
Creation of an environment where payments and transactions could be carried out under mutual trust guaranteed by an ESCROW and cryptographic measures
Management of the stakeholder reputation on the network (performed automatically through algorithms)

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