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Monday, 16 July 2018

TREND NETWORK TOKEN -Next Preferred Blockchain Platform - project Review

Trend Network

The blockchain is transforming the conventional ways of performing different tasks by providing an alternate decentralized, secure and transparent method. Trend Network has utilized blockchain technology to give a playing field to the service providers and the clients. As we know that service providers are facing problems in getting work and the right payouts against their services. There are very few platforms which allow them to post their skills to be hired by the clients. The conventional platforms of the same niche don't pay a reasonable amount to them because they have high commission fees. 

The problems of service providers and how TN offers a solution

There are mainly two problems of service providers. Firstly, because of the hefty commission fees, they are forced to place higher bids. In this case, the clients don’t hire them thinking that they can acquire these services locally at a cheaper rate. Secondly, if they bid lower prices, then they can’t make their both ends meet.  These problems have never been addressed at any forum but Trend Network has provided a solution to answer the miseries of these professionals. It charges no commission fee so that they could feasibly get work against their skills and earn handsome amount of money. 

A well-structured platform for listing your services

Unlike other platforms where no defined pattern is available for listing professional services, Trend Network has a well-structured section where service-providers can list their services according to their relevant category. It is further refined to show these services to clients which are most liked and recommended by other people on the platform. 
Clients can also search the services which are recently posted or they can search for the old service providers as per their requirements. So there are plenty of options for both parties to list their skills or access the required services respectively. 

Bringing cryptocurrencies to mainstream

Trend Network is a multipurpose program which is helping digital currencies to become a part of our daily transaction activities. Because of the complex nature of blockchain and smart contract technologies, people shy away from using them and they rather pursue fiat for their transactional needs. Trend Network is allowing the users to make transactions via either of the two currency types. 
It has two advantages; firstly, this will bring in more people who were previously staying away because they didn’t know how to use digital currencies. Secondly, it will attract more people to the platform which will make it successful. 

Offering more opportunities to the business community

Besides all the above-mentioned features, another exciting reward of this platform is that it provides a great deal of ‘comprehensive’ opportunities to the business community. By eliminating the intermediaries, it encourages the business entities to use the platform. Service providers can offer better rates because they get the margin by not paying the commission fee while clients can offer good rates for the same reason. 
It uses smart contracts for payments and settlements between professionals and clients. Hence, it automates the payment on meeting defined conditions which bring more trust among the stakeholders. 
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Item Reviewed: TREND NETWORK TOKEN -Next Preferred Blockchain Platform - project Review Description: An anonymous, decentralized, people-oriented service showcasing and distribution platform. Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Raihan Shakeel
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