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Saturday, 28 July 2018

Traveler | Get More Out Of Your Travel

Traveler-ICO-Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyThe travel sector is booming at an incredible place and in the recent years, every possible factor attached to this particular industry has moved online. The most important domain or rather the backbone of the travel niche happens to be the sites that allow users to plan their journey in terms of hotels, restaurants, resorts and of course, air tickets as well. However, it is worth noticing that as of yet, 2-4 major companies have controlled the landscape on the internet and they provide all such facilities. Even though their functionalities are appraisable, they do not accept cryptocurrencies which is one of the major drawbacks that Traveler aims to solve.

Here is how this venture allows you to avail discounts on the travel site base on the following reasons:

Non-published rates: It does not list prices explicitly on the website to provide exclusivity to its users and create a loyal marketplace that could avail discounts. Otherwise, every other traveling website would start comparing fares with an array of competitors and the potential buyer might get confused
Inventory sourcing: is laced with a variety of API integrations from major suppliers and travel niche dominators across the Globe
Buying power: It leverages the buying power of hotel content and allows its users to avail discounts way below the retail prices


It is one of the main tools behind this project that allows it to offer its versatility to the community. With this gateway, users will be allowed to make payments in cryptocurrencies and TVLR tokens, together with traditional payment methods. As a result, the potential customers would save approximately thirty to sixty percent of the total cost. Unfortunately, as of yet, about 390 billion dollars are spent every year just to pay unnecessary taxes and fees. Traveler allows you to bypass all that.
This widget will be integrated with blockchain in order to make all transactions and their history immutable and transparent and at the same time, several smart contracts would run on the network to automate the agreements between two parties. It should also be noted that this widget can be configured on affiliate websites and all of the transactions will occur on TripX platform, so you do not have to worry whether a reseller has installed security certificate or not. 
Due to all this automation, users will save a huge chunk of tokens and another worth noticing thing is that the value of your token will always be equivalent to $1 on the site, no matter at what price you had bought it in the first place. This is indeed a great measure to ensure that the community does not suffer and stays stable from the very beginning.

This entire ecosystem would operate with the combination of Traveler and TripX. While one of the is able to run efficient algorithms and find the most affordable deals for clients, the later one has the sheer ability to execute transactions in an utmost confidence and maintain a decentralized ledger as well.

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