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Sunday, 15 July 2018

Redcab - Decentralized Transportation Solution - Project Review


Redcab-ICO-Review, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain

RedCab has been in the transportation business for quite some time now and they have played their crucial role in elevating the 230-billion-dollar industry. Now it is time for every successful venture to move its operations on the blockchain network in order to modify the approach, make the flows transparent and gain more trust from the investors. 

How does it offer a solution?

The main feature, other than its robust technology, happens to be its cost-effective approach. In this project, millions of dollars are saved every year and are used to finance the infrastructure so it becomes stronger every day. They also have a promising loyalty program that pays hefty rewards to the most loyal customers in order to form a productive community. It has always proven to be a great incentive in pretty much every business where prospects bring in an array of customers in greed and end up securing reasonable wealth while promoting the company. Hence, it is a very decent and business-first approach to penetrate into the market where strong competitors, like Uber, have already established their stronghold.
One of the most alluring factors is that it does not only facilitate intercity and intracity travel and in fact, allows the community to travel from one country to another. So it is quite safe to say that RedCab is probably one of the pioneers in facilitating intercountry road travel on a blockchain infrastructure. We also discovered a great feature of the platform, where a sophisticated formula is used in order to calculate the best competitive pricing, including the surge prices, while taking into consideration all crucial factors, such as bad weather, demand, and supply gap, etc.

The Perks

Let’s shed some light on the most important aspect of using any service. Well, here is a list of perks offered by the project:

It rewards more loyalty points to drivers who perform business within a specified framework in order to ensure that they give in their best capabilities 
The system is incredibly well designed and coded to favor network dominance by avoiding abnormal supply and demand gaps. This is one of the things, which, if not handled correctly, could wreck the customer base in frustration
RedCab provides one of the securest and most transparent networks. This is achieved because of the presence of blockchain at its core, which favors decentralization and secondly, the implementation of smart contracts guarantees that none of the decisions is based on any favoritism 
It records and caters to the mood, interaction and behavior of the customer very efficiently with the use of emotional intelligence and AI
Redcab-ICO-Review, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain


It is not only your regular cab that you could just book from your smartphone while commuting from your home to the workplace. In fact, it offers premium services as well, at affordable prices. Let's have a look at the core services offered by RedCab:

Delivery service
Pick up service
Hotel and airport transportation

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