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Monday, 16 July 2018

P2PEP - Energy Trading Platform - Project Review


P2PEP-ICO-Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency
Human activities are reliant on machines which are polluting our environment by emitting CO2. Our planet is getting warmer because of these harmful emissions and making us vulnerable to dangers of heavy storms, higher sea levels, and extreme temperatures. Peer 2 Peer Energy Protocol (P2PEP) is a blockchain based ecosystem which facilitates the trade of oversupply of energy between consumers and between companies and consumers. The stakeholders of the platform produce green energy through renewable energy equipment such as solar panels. Our traditional source of energy-production is costly and harmful for the environment because it uses fossil fuels. On the other hand, the energy produced through this platform is greener and has no harmful effects on the environment. 

How is energy being transferred from one place to another?

The next question that comes to mind is how the energy will be supplied from one location to another. In order to implement the idea governing P2PEP, there are two ways under consideration for transferring energy. The first one is by using microgrid and the second one is by using wireless energy transformation. In the first procedure, the energy will be stored in one place and it will be consumed at the other without traveling from one place to another. 
In the second procedure, energy will be transferred from the producer to the consumer or from the producer to the grid. The platform will use the incredible technology used by Nikola Tesla where energy will be transferred between short distances without using cables. 
All the payments will be done using PEP tokens which is the native coin of this ecosystem. 

How to use the P2PEP platform?

To use P2PEP platform for buying green energy, you only have to install an app which is user-friendly and simple. There is no need to install complex software for energy sharing which will make it easier for the people to switch to clean energy from the expensive and harmful energy produced through fossil fuels. This app is easier and newcomers can easily buy or sell energy by using its interface. 

Benefits of using P2PEP

P2PEP-ICO-Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency
The platform is not just another energy trading platform but it provides plenty of reasons for the users to join it. Below are few of the unique features of this ecosystem:
The existing energy market is inefficient and full of complexities which discourages the masses from using clean energy, while the P2PEP platform is a source of clean energy where everyone can buy it and use it with convenience. 
This program gives an option to the users to trade energy between consumers globally. 
It answers the manipulation of big fossil suppliers who are a real hurdle in introducing clean energy to the masses. 
It also solves the problem of people residing in areas where energy infrastructure is poor by producing clean energy.
It also helps the companies to directly communicate with the customers, hence bypassing the conventional players of the energy sector.

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