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Monday, 9 July 2018

KONIOS the worlds most secure cash and crypto platform

Konios is a blockchain based ecosystem to facilitate users in exchanging their digital currencies with fiat currencies. One of the major problems for cryptocurrencies today is that they can’t be easily exchanged and used in our routine matters. Their limited use is the hurdle which is preventing them to join the mainstream industry. However, it’s still early days, but someone has to come up with a solution and Konios has undertaken the responsibility.  Currently, there are banks and exchanges who are offering these services, but they are neither efficient nor cost-effective. Furthermore, they require your personal data and make you undergo a needless procedure to complete the transaction.

Konios is the answer to modern-day banking problems
Today’s world is harsh at crypto with strict restrictions from regulatory bodies and financial institutions. In this unfavorable scenario, it’s hard for the traders to carry-on while bypassing these bans. Konios provides anonymity to the traders to buy digital currencies with fiat cash. It only requires a smartphone, an internet connection, and just four clicks to execute your transaction.

It ensures to cover all communities
You can call it a mission statement. The ecosystem is designed to simplify the trading and currency-exchange needs with security, anonymity, ease, and economy. The platform offers a dual use of your funds by making trades and purchasing goods or services at the same time. Your money will not be held for the trade-only purpose here. There are three main uses to facilitate the users; firstly, to ensure secure cash/crypto transactions, secondly, it offers a change of crypto pairs and thirdly, it allows the users to buy goods or services through fiat or digital currencies.

Salient features
Trading has been made easy with simple to follow procedures and efficient trading tools. You can customize the charts to display desired parameters to ease-up the trading process.
Inexperienced traders will be provided with predictions to visualize trends. Furthermore, other relevant information from the internet will also be provided with an option to customize it according to your needs.
All type of statistical, behavioral and geographical data is provided to be used as per the requirements of the traders. The transactions are validated through smart contracts, making the entire procedure absolutely secure in the Digital World.

Konios for day to day activities
There is a huge number of potential crypto traders excluded from the system just because of the lack of availability of platforms where they could trade without having to use banks.
This barrier is preventing newcomers to enter in this rewarding market. Konios aims to welcome as many traders as possible to help them develop confidence in the technology. The industry will be benefited by the platform’s knowledge-based information sharing mechanism.
It will reduce the media’s negative propaganda against the crypto world by providing true and objective information through the internet. Crypto prices will not be manipulated by speculative headlines and stories which will solve the core problem that the traders are currently facing.


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