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Sunday, 15 July 2018

Ingot Coin - Bridging Market - ICO Review

Ingot Coin

Ingot-Coin-ICO-Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyBlockchain technology has transformed several business models into an efficient system to make them transparent, immutable, secure and decentralized. Those who are not familiar with blockchain technology should know that the data and information stored on this data structure can’t be altered and the processes can’t be manipulated because of its decentralized nature. 
Ingot Coin is a blockchain based ecosystem which connects crypto markets to the traditional financial setups and provides a single platform where you can carry out all your financial operations and transactions (we will elaborate them below). 

An all-in-one inclusive Ecosystem

It offers multiple services under one roof and that is why we call it an all-in-one inclusive platform. For example, it works as a broker where a wide variety of services and products are offered such as indices, shares, metals, currencies, metals, and commodities. It is a unique ecosystem where you can short sell indices and shares to the traders which are otherwise not available on the exchanges. With all these diversified investment options, traders can customize and optimize their portfolios for better profits. 

Efficient blockchain and smart contract technology

Traders on this platform are privileged to eliminate the intermediaries and middlemen who take a cut from your transactions. It is because of an efficient use of smart contract and blockchain technology which offers more room for the investors for pouring their money into the market. They will also be having a more liquidated market with competitive prices, which will increase the confidence of the investors. Because of no third party interference, it allows instant payments, settlements, and trades. 
It also provides more security because compromising any data on the blockchain is impossible. The transactions on the Ingot coin platform are faster and economical because of the lower transaction costs. 

Bridging the gap between traditional and crypto markets

Ingot-Coin-ICO-Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyWe know that crypto and traditional markets have no connection in terms of technology and feasibility. People wanting to convert their cryptocurrencies into fiat or vice versa have to follow a complicated process which is time-consuming and costly. The absence of a connection between traditional and crypto markets leads to less profit margin and losses and investors shy away from the market. Another problem with these markets is that these are time restricted and only operate on their scheduled days and times (normally 9-5 with Saturdays and Sundays are off). Ingot coin offers diversified options where you can have multiple investment options along with a well-established connection between crypto and fiat currencies. 

Ingot Coin Wallet 

This platform has a wallet for storing and performing the necessary actions on different cryptocurrencies. The users can keep, send or receive digital currencies on the wallet with more security and ease. However, the wallet is blockchain based and is secure, but it has a second layer of security since it makes use of multiple signatures. It is integrated with the Ingot Coin Digital Bank which will facilitate the users to pay in digital currencies or fiat currencies as they want. They can also transfer tokens from exchanges to the wallets. 

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