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Friday, 6 July 2018

HYPERQUANT Multifunctional fintech platform

Hyperquant is a fintech platform which facilitates automated crypto trading for individual traders, portfolio managers, and hedge funds. It also assists in asset management, Dapp creation and offers other financial services in a decentralized manner. This is a blockchain based ecosystem which is backed up by the robustness of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to offer a complete financial system to the crypto market players.
Let’s analyze how this program offers a unique solution to some persistent problems.
The traditional financial systems are all centralized and nontransparent which makes the pool of investors and traders vulnerable to manipulations of any hackers. Users have little control over their fund management and they are totally dependent on the team who is managing it for them. There are also very limited strategies that they could utilize in their favor.
With all of the above-mentioned problems, the industry is tilting towards blockchain based systems which are decentralized. But unfortunately, there are problems with the decentralized systems as well. The crypto prices are too volatile which is the primary reason that it is not making space in the mainstream. Majority of the traders lack the skills to manage the risks involved in this highly volatile market. Beside this, there are also plenty of scams regarding new coins and tokens mostly with an intention of running away with people's money. There are dozens of exchanges but they lack the required liquidity.
Hyperquant is developed to answer all of these problems with the help of blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence.

Algorithmic trading
One of the core features is that it facilitates automated trading. There are trading robots which automate the process hence favoring fast, free and emotionless decisions. As we know that most of the traders follow their intuition to execute a trade or they make a trade merely out of fear of loss, anger, excitement or greed. All of these factors make the traders vulnerable to uncontrollable losses. Algorithmic trading provides them an opportunity to automate trades. A couple of computer instructions are executed as the set conditions are met and multiple trades are executed accurately with a speed that human processing can’t match.

Smart order execution strategies
Furthermore, it offers the traders to use its Smart Order Execution strategies to minimize the losses faced by trading high volumes of assets. For example, if institutional traders are making a trade with very high volume of asset and market is unable to digest the volume, then it will result in significant change in the price. It will be nearly impossible to execute the trades at the same price.

Therefore, Hyperquant offers smart order execution feasibilities where it dynamically creates customized strategies which meet the needs of the traders.

Market making Algorithms
The use of market making algorithms ensures that sufficient liquidity is provided to the platform to ensure support for the two-way quotation spread, a minimum volume of orders and minimum quotation period. By using this algorithm, the market becomes more liquidated with reduced spread and less volatility. Thus making the trading experience safe and stable.

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