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Friday, 6 July 2018

DEEPAERO al driven drone economy on the blockchain

When the first-ever crypto rolled out in the market, nobody could even imagine such a massive success. Now, let alone its huge popularity, there are futuristic projects hitting the industry. For instance, it is really amazing to see ventures like DeepAero introducing drone technology running on the blockchain.
Oh wait, it is not only the type of drone technology that you could control through a remote. In fact, it is a fully automated, AI embedded masterpiece.
Essentially, if you look at the very core of this venture, DeepAero aims to revolutionize the transportation system and since we have flying cars floating the skies, an AI incorporated drone could really make things seamless and robust.

Let’s shed light on some of the most obvious and practical advantages offered by the drone transportation. This section also evaluates a couple more features that are not explicitly related to drone travel (i.e. other salient areas where this technology could prove to be useful).

You must be wondering as to what is the advantage of this feature. Well, there is a fully automated and decentralized marketplace that allows traders to buy and sell drones and their parts. For instance, if you want to buy a specific mechanical component for your drone, you are no longer required to surf the physical markets.
Just visit this online marketplace and you will get everything. What’s more advantageous for bigger companies is that they could always keep track of the total money flowing in and out of the DeepAero project with the help of public ledgers being maintained on the blockchain.

Fully compliant 
Yes! It is not a drone for school kids. I mean, since it facilitates users to fly as a means of transport, the technology is fully compliant with all the government regulations set for Artificial Intelligence and air routes specified by the Aviation industry.
This ensures that the product does not aim to establish a monopoly, but take all stakeholders into confidence while proposing a futuristic solution.

We have a lot of aerial hardware flying around for surveys and surveillance. However, the amount of money spent on such expensive tasks and their efficiency is often not accounted.
DeepAero allows air surveillance with an artificially intelligent system while keeping track of all the money spent on such ventures. For instance, if your government uses this technology for monitoring, the public would know the tax amount being spent on it.

The Earth is heating up and due to the scorching heat of the sun, various forests catch fire all around the Globe, every year. In order to diminish the destruction as a result of calamity in such scenarios, drone technology could be used.
Since it is laced with AI, it has the potential to learn from different incidents and respond in an efficient fashion later on when the circumstances are similar.
This is one of the most useful areas where human lives and forests could be saved from the wrath of fire!


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