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Friday, 6 July 2018

DARICO best getway to cryptocurrency investment

We have seen a drastic increase in investment and trading in cryptocurrencies in the last couple of years. It is making headlines on major broadcasting channels with influential market players making bullish predictions about its future.  The problem with crypto trading is that traders don’t know what actually drives the prices of digital currencies. Most of the time they make decisions based on their intuition or on any news circulating on multiple channels. There are other traders who copy the trades of successful traders to close a profitable deal. 
Darico facilitates crypto traders to execute knowledgeable trades by providing them the tools that will help them to keep track. They can also invest, trade and spend digital currencies on this platform. Its coin holders will be getting access to a native wallet, terminal, liquidity pool, exchange, index fund and a debit card.

Let’s explore what else Darico has to offer.
The users will be having a Darico Wallet where they’ll be allowed to store, send and receive digital currencies. They can integrate the wallet with the terminal to keep track of their investment and add other coins on the watch-list.
Darico Terminal
The terminal is a gateway or a dashboard through which the users can conveniently use all the services of Darico platform such as Exchange, Wallet and Index Fund. Terminal also features latest industry news to keep the traders informed and help them improve their decision making. It is also equipped with trading and index information which brings the community closer to each other.
Exchange – Darex
The platform also offers an exchange for the crypto enthusiasts where they can trade, deposit and withdraw different digital currencies. It also features cross trading between fiat and digital currencies to give an improved experience to the users. Traders can access this exchange through a Terminal.
Liquidity Pool
The liquidity pool is made up of ETH, BTC, and gold and its primary purpose is to enhance the supply and stability of Darico Coin, the platform and the blockchain. For new traders, a wider liquidity pool means more trading opportunities, banks integrate with each other to increase the liquidity pool.
Index Fund
Darico also features index fund to track the components of the market index. The top cryptocurrencies are indexed so that the platform could analyze, monitor and rebalance them frequently. There are three different levels of risk and reward.
Debit Card – Depay
Only a handful of platforms exist which offer a native payment processing system such as Depay. Essentially, it happens to be a debit card that works just like the normal one you use on daily basis.
You can keep your digital currencies and use them as and when you want. This is a step to bring digital currencies into the mainstream. The users will be able to withdraw their money or spend them on an online store just like a traditional debit card. This card will help bring digital currencies integrate into your daily life.

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