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Thursday, 19 July 2018

Cryptassist - Knowledge is power - Project Review


Cryptassist-ICO-Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyIt is a blockchain based ecosystem which offers dozens of valuable features to promote the crypto use and make it a part of the mainstream. While crypto is not a new term for the masses anymore, but its use is still unfamiliar to even most of the crypto traders. Cryptassit (CTA) is committed to bring digital currencies in use for our day to day activities and to facilitate the traders as well. This ecosystem is resourceful for the users where they can use its exchange, trading app, block explorer, Cryptogame, Debit card, crypto Messenger and Crypto freelancer to name a few.

Bringing Cryptocurrencies to the mainstream

Despite huge popularity, digital currencies could not find their place in the traditional payment system, mainly because of a highly volatile nature. Merchants avoid taking payments in digital currencies because of the same reason and hence, it makes it difficult for the traders to use their cryptocurrencies in the day to day activities. CryptAssist offers a Debit card which can be conveniently topped up with 50 digital currencies and used anywhere in the world where Visa or Master card is acceptable. This helps them easily purchase their goods, both offline and online. This card is easily available to the consumers after submitting an application. All the digital coins will be converted to fiat currencies, that can be easily utilized as per your choice.

Connecting the crypto community through Chat pay messenger

Chat pay is more than a messenger, where users can communicate with anyone and also receive funds from anywhere. This feature can be used for purchasing goods and services and also for communicating. The messenger helps the users to connect with the CTA community by adding them to their contact list. Hence it is a multipurpose decentralized application which brings the crypto community together by offering associated services to them.

Provides customized trading signals to everyone

The platform also features a trading app which provides trusted signals to the naïve and experienced traders alike. It makes the complicated calculations and analysis and provides a customized trading solution to the users based on their profile. The app will send trading signals individually as per their choice of trading. It will be really helpful for them to trade using this intelligent app which tells when to buy or sell a currency or pair. Users have to pay for these alerts because these trading signals will be customized for every user. The app will also compare the pairs and give the best available rates from all the exchanges. If you are a trader who specifically trades in BTC/USD pair, then you won’t be receiving the results of unrelated pairs. This will save the time and cost and prove more productive. 

Access 50 exchanges from a single platform

Cryptassist-ICO-Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency
Traders don’t rely on a single exchange and opt for multiple ones. It is difficult and time consuming for them to log in to each exchange and carry out trading activities. CTA platform offers them to use its platform where they will be able to access more than fifty exchanges. There are dozens of other features of CTA ecosystem which makes it more resourceful than any other platform available. 

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Item Reviewed: Cryptassist - Knowledge is power - Project Review Description: A blockchain based ecosystem which offers dozens of valuable features to promote the crypto use and make it a part of the mainstream. Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Raihan Shakeel
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