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Saturday, 28 July 2018

AgentMile | A Decentralized Commertial Real Estate Platform

AgenMile-ICO-Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyAgentMile has targeted a very lucrative niche – the real estate. It is worth noticing that the same team has worked together on somewhat similar ventures in the past, namely AgentDrive and AgentGrow. Judging from their performance, it is pretty evident that they have made significant improvements to their previous technology and have made it even more scalable in this latest version. As mentioned in the whitepaper, AgentMile nests more than a thousand professionals, at least a hundred thousand properties and has its roots in more than 20 countries, while it has its offices in Hong Kong, Thailand, and Estonia. All of these factors ensure that it is quite a versatile venture which aims to expand its operational base at an incredible pace. 

What is AgentMile?

Let’s talk about the particular concerns that investors always investigate. Basically, it bridges up the gap between brokers, landlords and potential buyers. All the registered brokers and landlords are allowed to put up their properties on the blockchain where they are visible to everyone. This also cuts off the requirement to have a physical presence anywhere to buy the property. 
AgentMile also features AI capabilities that could be utilized in order to display the most appropriate properties to every buyer. Since long-term investors are quite keen to know about the possible devaluation of an asset, AI algorithms will calculate that for every property, based on a variety of metrics. 


If you are familiar with AI and blockchain, you already know half of the perks offered by this platform. However, we will dig deeper for all the newbies in order to make the concepts crystal.

Enhanced predictability

Well, this is quite understandable. Since investors and potential buyers are always eager to know about the forecast of the value of their property in the near and long future, this system provides reliability to that prediction due to the incorporation of AI. The dependency on manual methodologies is entirely eradicated and users get to view an unbiased scenario.

Diminished risk

In the traditional proceedings, an array of incentives are offered to the Commercial Real Estate. However, AgentMile bridges up this gap as well and in order to reduce the risks involved in any type of investments, they require CRE to pay management and insurance fee as well. So it does not only put the residential customer in a safe corner but cultivates a sheer feeling of trust.


AgenMile-ICO-Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyWe have discussed it above as well, but the point is so important and adds a lot of value to the venture, that it is important to discuss it in detail. Whether you are interested in CRE or residential real estate, the need of being within a specific geographic location is eliminated. No matter whether you happen to be a buyer, broker or a landlord. You could easily trade on this decentralized platform.
Even if you are putting up the property on someone’s behalf, there will never be any discrepancy or disagreement in the agreed price, since everything will be recorded on an immutable blockchain ledger.

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Item Reviewed: AgentMile | A Decentralized Commertial Real Estate Platform Description: A decentralized commertial real estate plateform which bridges up the gap between brokers, landlords and potential buyers. Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Raihan Shakeel
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