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Sunday, 15 July 2018

Gigtricks - Freelance And Ondemand Ecosystem - Project Review


Gigtricks-ICO-Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyIf you are familiar with freelancing, you must have understood half of the concept by its name. Basically, this venture helps connect freelancer and clients. All of the profiles and related transactions are carried on a blockchain network. This does not only ensure transparency where clients feel safe to award their tasks, but even investors are attracted since the potential is huge. We have already seen the mighty success of Fiverr and Upwork. Just imagine if those concepts are applied to this business model. The Return on Investment could be huge.

The problem it solves

Of course, every venture emerges out in an attempt to provide a new solution or to improve an existing one. GigTricks has hit the market with an aim to revolutionize the freelance marketplace by boosting the trust between clients and freelancers. Every action, let it be a job review, rating on the basis of skills or job or favorites count, everything is verified by consensus on the blockchain. So the days are long gone where freelancers could use fake accounts to get reviews and ratings. The system will reject any such attempt now. The ultimate aim of GigTricks is to offer a platform where millions of users could interact professionally while eradicating the probability of any forgery. Moreover, this system would also be free from the influence of external factors, such as a recession. Whatever be the economy of your country, the platform won't charge you on that basis.

Extended features

It is not just your regular web-based freelance marketplace. In fact, GigTricks could be used in the physical world as well and you are allowed to make sales through a Point of Sale device as well. Every transaction is bound to be recorded on the blockchain. This feature is quite a decent approach to enhancing and boosting the volume of sales while diminishing the possibility of fraud and data manipulation. 


Gigtricks-ICO-Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyEvery crypto project should have some utility in order to attract people to use it for maximum benefits. Since there are some premium features in the GigTricks platform, the app would allow its users to unlock exciting features by paying in the form of native currency. It would also allow them to subscribe to different programs to avoid missing any event and offer. One of the most alluring utility is that the balance in the app could be used for tipping freelancers and they will be able to withdraw GBTC in cash from their accounts. This tipping is quite different from regular platforms since the commission deducted by the freelance platform is negligible. 
This token also allows the users to finance advertising across GigTricks in order to promote their services and attract more clients. The secure personal wallet is yet another amazing feature that could be used to store all GBTC coins securely. All the royalties, tips and community rewards are sent directly to the wallet and you are at the liberty to withdraw them whenever you want.

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Item Reviewed: Gigtricks - Freelance And Ondemand Ecosystem - Project Review Description: A complete ecosystem for freelance and on-demand economy Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Raihan Shakeel
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