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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

BITBOSE Bit investment future

Blockchain technology has revolutionized multiple industries and business models with its trustable, transparent, immutable and efficient processing capacities. Even the apex financial bodies who have banned crypto trading and transactions in their jurisdictions have ironically announced to adopt the technology underpinning the very cryptocurrencies. Such is the power of Blockchain!
The application under discussion is BitBose which is a blockchain based ecosystem featuring banking, trading and other financial needs. It evaluated the flaws in the existing banking system and exchanges thoroughly and then offered a solution which answers all these weaknesses in an efficient manner using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. All of the features offered by this program can only be availed by purchasing Bose Token, which is the native and a utility token of the platform.
Let’s discuss each of the features BitBose is offering below:

BitBose Bank
The traditional banking system is a centralized model which is manipulated by different regulatory bodies, governments, and banks themselves for their favor. This brings lack of trust among investors because they are directly in conflict of interest to their own banks. The problem with a centralized system is that it is more vulnerable to cyber threats. Once the hackers get access to these servers they can do almost anything to the information.
All of these issues are best countered by this decentralized banking platform. We know that blockchain is a technology which makes our data immutable, transparent and secure thus bringing more trust to the users.
The system also ensures to give loans to the most deserving applicants. The assessment is made by using AI technology which guarantees that the loan is provided to the most deserving candidate. The platform takes a piece of property of the candidate as a collateral so it could be put to auction to recover the money in case he does not pay back the loan.
BitBose Exchange
The Exchange is the second component under the BitBose umbrella to facilitate traders in a rewarding manner. The exchange provides the prices of cryptocurrencies from several exchanges on a single platform where the buyers and sellers can choose the lowest prices conveniently.
All this calculation is performed at the backend and the user only gets the best prices on the dashboard without having to compare prices on dozens of exchanges. This will give the users a seamless experience.
BitBose Smart Portfolio
This is a subsidiary feature which offers the contributors to allocate the percentage or part of their Bose tokens to the system to be traded using AI bot, a customized algorithm developed by its own team. The allocated funds will be kept in the wallet of the contributor so that he could keep track of his funds.
You will not be able to use these funds for other activities or withdrawals unless you make the smart-portfolio account nil.
The BitBose Bot (BOT) analyses the cryptocurrencies and forecasts their prices for placing bids for maximum profit. There will be a nominal fee charged against each trade. However, transferring funds within the platform is free.

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