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Friday, 25 May 2018

HexCash A T​RULY​ Decentralised Fund Management System

HexCash happens to be a revolutionary step towards fund management. Well, there is certainly more to it. The system now allows you to manage all of your funds in a decentralized data structure (as implemented by pretty much all cryptocurrencies in the market), while ensuring that it keeps growing securely.

Why HexCash?

Of course, masses are most concerned about the solutions offered by different crypto programs and their long-term prospects. If we look at it from a very rational perspective, it is important to dive into the crypto frenzy that initiated in 2017. It attracted an array of investments for different projects and nurtured exponential growth as well.
However, there were some fraud ICOs as well that ultimately wrecked the investors’ trust in such technologies.
In such a volatile scenario, HexCash acts as a reliable and decentralized ‘middleman’ or ‘Escrow’ that fills in the shy gap between investors and Fund Management Programs.

What are the Features?
You must have developed plenty of questions in your mind until now, as to what are the explicit features of this ICO. So, let us get down to it now.

Shield against frauds and exit scams
Most of the fund management programs in crypto World are Ponzi schemes and that is the reason why people hesitate to trust any such venture now.
However, HexCash allows you to grow your wealth while keeping track of every transaction in a decentralized yet public ledger (one of the greatest perks of blockchain), so that no one can object on the money being poured into or cashed out of the venture.
So basically, it keeps an unalterable record of every minor transaction while ensuring that the user’s identity stays hidden for security reasons.

Even though we have skimmed through this feature twice, it is very important to view the technical details and prospects of decentralization.
See, Ethereum happens to be one of the two biggest crypto ventures in the World right now. One of its core features happens to be the powerful and robust blockchain that allows it to host an array of projects in a decentralized fashion.
That is precisely what we have taken advantage of. It implements the ERC20 token offered by Ethereum in order to be a part of World’s first largest and most reliable token issuing blockchain initiative.

Smart contract
Here comes one of the most alluring advantages. For the layman’s understanding, it basically refers to the contracts or agreements made by two parties and the implementation of such contracts in a digital environment.
In this particular project, since it relates to Fund Management and every member has a different volume to deal with, HexCash will issue a mutually agreed contract. Let’s say, you deposit funds equivalent to $100 in your Hex account and then you derive certain rules and regulations which are beneficial for you, as well as the company.
Now the decentralized system is bound to implement the set of regulations agreed by two parties in a way that can never be altered by anyone and continues to provide lucrative advantages for everyone.

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